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Posted by clubsodaandsalt on August 12, 2009

A follow up to yesterday's complaint:

Attorney General John Jeremie is expected to advise Government on whether Chaguanas MP Jack Warner can pay the wages of 54 workers of the Chaguanas Borough Corporation. This was revealed yesterday by Local Government Minister Hazel Manning. Speaking to reporters at Claxton Bay during a tour of flood affected areas yesterday, Manning said a big issue had arisen following Warner’s decision to hand over a cheque for $309,000 to pay the workers.

“We have just got information that a private citizen has paid money towards the payment of salaries and we have gone to the attorney general to get guidance on this. “That is not the norm. We are concerned that this region has obtained over $300,000 from a private citizen to pay wages. That money is not in our books and we have now gone to the attorney general to get advice on what should be done. The attorney general will be able to guide us,” Manning said.
She said it was in May that the Government found out the corporation, under the former mayor, had hired more staff.


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