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Habitual line-stepping

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on April 22, 2009

Even in a place like Trinidad where the population has got to be hardened by a constant stream of violent crime, you occassionally get an incident so heinous or brazen or shocking that it feels like a line has been crossed. I'm thinking of incidents like the Westmoorings Scott/Sa Gomes murders in the 90s (showed that rich white people were also vulnerable), or the Akiel Chambers incident (our children are under threat), or the Selwyn Richardson assasination earlier in the decade (and former AGs better watch out too). They're like little signposts on the road to anarchy. I'm going to say that with the storming of a factory in Diego Martin (owned by a minister's husband!) yesterday, we just passed another:
THREE young men who opted to do a "day's work" at a plastics factory near their homes in Diego Martin "crossed a gangland border", for which they were hunted down yesterday and killed by two gunmen reportedly dressed in tactical police wear.
I don't really have much more to say, except that I hope that someday I can read the papers back home and not get depressed.

One Response to “Habitual line-stepping”

  1. trini usa said

    We should thank our lucky stars we were able to come here and suck up for a green card! Thank heavens we had prestige school education and we had the chance to get away!

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