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Absentee landowners better walk with printer

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on December 8, 2008

I’ve complained about the ridiculous attitude of Trinidadian banks towards online banking before, so I was a bit skeptical when I saw this ad in the Express:

So, Republic is not explicitly targeting the diaspora? Surely that means that they have proper online banking now, right?


They still want you to print out a form and walk it into a branch (you can’t even fax it, not that that would be acceptable anyway). Not sure how that helps those of us in the US buy property back home, but hey – why bother to have a marketing strategy that is aligned with the reality of your crap customer service?

Trinidad really is a deeply unserious place.


One Response to “Absentee landowners better walk with printer”

  1. splitsun said

    *tries to shake the feeling of budding disgust.

    I had an incident with Republic recently, (having done the print out, submitted the form (in person), and received my online access) I simply tried to send money from my bank acct to a third party republic bank account. I was told online that I would need to request a republic id to make such transactions…and collect the id at my nearest bank! I gritted my teeth, swore at the whole irony of “online banking” and emailed a representative, stating my case of being abroad and my haste in needing to complete said transaction.

    In the end, I sent a friend (whom I identified in the email would be collecting it and was also the person to receive the money) who was told by an employee that I would need to mail..physically…a letter stating that he was authorised to pick up the id. So vexingly backward.

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