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On Haters

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on April 26, 2008

I suppose I should be used to Paul Krugman’s crochetyness about the Democratic primary by now, but this was especially silly on his part:

Despite [his focus on issues of process rather than economic issues], Obama is still the clear favorite for the nomination. But if he is the nominee, and runs this way in the general election — if it’s about the candidate’s awesomeness, not about why progressive policies make peoples’ lives better — it’s a formula for defeat.

I don’t even know what this means. Is talking about government reform somehow talking about how awesome you are? Does Krugman, of all people, not get why saying “the system is broken” is actually a relevant issue to raise right now? And I’m not even going to get into the Shapiro nonsense he quotes, except to say that implying that Iraq isn’t a big part of Obama’s insurgency is either painfully stupid or willfully ignorant.

But of course Krugman gets it. He’s just bitter about the loss of his preferred candidate. That’s fine, but seriously, this campaign is over. It’s time for people like Krug to focus the guns on McCain, rather than keeping the circular firing squad going. I’m sure he will, but when is he going to start? For all the stupid shit people talked about those of us who supported Dean in 2004, we were 100% behind Kerry as soon as the writing was on the wall. It’s time for the Clinton folks to extend the same courtesy, even though Obama is supported by *gasp!* young people.


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  2. Well, I agree that domestic violence is a problem, and that there would be some advantages to a female president on that front. But it’s not enough to sway me (a lot of the ad just serves to remind me of HRC’s hawkishness), and it’s also not terribly relevan to any of what I wrote. Is your point that domestic violence means that you’ll vote for McCain when Obama’s the nominee? I don’t get it.

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