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Final round debate

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on February 26, 2008

I’m writing this while watching. I missed that whole health care fight at the start, but some thoughts on the rest as I watch:

– As everyone’s already pointed out, Hillary’s complaint about always being first was really really weird. I understand that she’s trying to push this “bias” thing, but that wasn’t very effective. Neither was the SNL reference. If you’re going to complain about media bias, seems somewhat problematic to cite… a network television show. Granted, no-one watches SNL, but still.

– The NAFTA argument was just depressing. I’m sad that the Democratic Party seems to be headed back to protectionist rhetoric. Here’s hoping that it’s mostly just rhetoric.

– If we’re going to keep saying that we have to “re-negotiate” NAFTA, I want to know what aspects we need to re-negotiate. Name them. I want to hear about more than stupid “timeouts”.

– Obama handled himself really well on the foreign policy issue, I think. The criticism of the Pakistan thing is really dumb, in my opinion, and HRC claiming that he “threatened to bomb Pakistan” just struck me as a comical framing. Also, Tim Russert was at new levels of Russertian stupidity in that section, asking a question about re-invading a hypothetical Iraq-Qaeda merger. WTF Russert?

– Hillary landing some good blows on the infamous energy vote and some kind of 30% credit care limit that I’ve never heard about.

– Russert asking Obama about his “pledge” to accept public financing. Of course, no mention of McCain’s rampant abuse of the public financing from Russert. Obama, to his credit, hits that point. GOOD.

– Russert: “You may break your word” OMG HE NEVER PLEDGED ANYTHING. I cannot stand Russert. Can we have Brian Williams ask more questions?

– Now Timmeh is giving some tortured reason that he wants to see the Clinton tax return. God, the lady’s busy! No time to file taxes in February!

– Now we’re talking about Louis Farrakhan? Yeah, OK. That’s important. I mean, they’re both black, right? (God I hate Russert.)

– Shorter Tim Russert: Enough about you guys, I want to talk for a while.

– Tim Russert: I will not stop this nonsense until you take a dump on this picture of Louis Farrakhan I have here to night. WILL YOU PLEDGE TO POOP ON FARRAKHAN IF ELECTED

– Obama is handling himself well in the face of Timmeh’s idiocy on Obama’s apparent Nation of Islam membership.

– Wow. Hillary is being REALLY lame here on this important FarrakhanGate. Apparently, denounce < reject. This is so stupid. Thanks, Russert.

– Curses! Done in by my laptop’s crappy battery life! Anyway, things are winding down. Some summary thoughts later. This liveblogging thing is kind of fun though.


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