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Time is running out (again)

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on January 21, 2008

So due to some big life changes, Jen and I will be moving out west this spring. So… I guess this is my last winter in New York City, and that means that I’m running out of time to do all the things that I’ve been putting off forever:

– Hitting up Tomoe for sushi

– Lobster rolls at Mary’s Fishcamp

– Indian food in Jackson Heights

– Checking out the batting cages on the UWS

– Grabbing pizza at Grimaldi’s (though I’m a Di Fara man, myself)

– Taking in the NYC scale model at the Queens Museum of Art

– Watching a Knicks game live at the MSG

Anyone up to join me?


One Response to “Time is running out (again)”

  1. sinistra said

    I’m moving (back) out to NY for a couple of months; landing on Jan 26. Have shamelessly stolen your to-do list. If you’re interested in a showing a Trini blogger around, shout.

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