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Posted by clubsodaandsalt on October 3, 2007

I’m no Valley fan, but does anyone else find it disturbing that Manning can simply fire the people’s representatives at will? If I were a PNM member, I’d certainly be pretty upset that the folks working the constituency have little say in the candidate selection process, given Manning’s veto (or “veto vote”, according to the Express — plz 2 have new editor). Moreover, evryone, PNM or not, should be worried about Manning’s decision making process. Here’s a man who is basically ending political careers on the basis of one (one!) poll result! One data point! I could understand if he’d been running these polls for a couple of years, and then fired the people with consistently poor feedback, but one poll? And we don’t even know the margin of error? Come on.

The silly season is certainly in full swing, and our first revelation is that the Manning sees the PNM as his personal fiefdom. Can there be any doubt that he feels the same way about Trinidad?


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