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Posted by clubsodaandsalt on September 10, 2007

Given that Winston Dookeran has been adopted by many young, educated Trinidadians as our saviour based on things like “integrity” and “change”, it was pretty disappointing to read this in today’s Express:

Among those who were in the crowd at yesterday’s event were former finance minister Brian Kuei Tung, who served in the 1995-2001 UNC administration. Dookeran hugged Kuei Tung as he was leaving the rally and they chatted for a brief moment.

You might be asking, “Wait. The same Kuei Tung who was involved in the airport scandal? The biggest corruption story of the ENTIRE Panday Administration?” It would appear that way, yes.

That’s pretty much the last straw for me and the COP. Someone wake me up in 2012 (assuming Patos will still allow us to have elections by then. I hear he thinks they encourage gambling…)


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