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In which the NYT drives me insane. Again.

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on July 31, 2007

So Rudy unveiled “his” health plan today. I employ the scare quotes because it’s basically the same dumb plan that Bush and Republicans in Congress have been pushing for the last few years — have a tax break, go figure out insurance for yourself, suckers. Anyway, merits of the plan aside, what I want to focus on is this poor treatment from the NYT:

In his speech today, Mr. Giuliani excoriated democrats for advocating a “socialist” solution that encouraged a “nanny government.” Instead, he proposed tax exemptions of up to $15,000 per family, allowing that money to be directed toward the purchase of health insurance and other medical spending. The poor would be given vouchers and tax refunds to similarly help them buy coverage.

The proposals are a stark contrast with the plans offered by the leading Democratic candidates, who have proposed requiring corporations to purchase insurance for their workers, and raising taxes to increase subsidies for health care for the poor and others.

When are we going to get some reporters with basic critical thinking skills? Here’s the thing — Rudy’s plan also costs the government money, albeit in the form of lost revenue. That money will have to come from somewhere. Either he wants to increase the deficit, or he will (gasp!) raise some other tax to make up for it. He could also cut spending, but (1) there’s not mention of that and (2) if that’s the case, then why not say “the tax deductions will be paid for by spending cuts,” just like they pointed out that the Dem plans would raise taxes? There is a contrast between his plan and those of the Dems — his plan doesn’t even attempt to cover everyone — but it has nothing to do with raising taxes. But of course, we all know that Dems = tax and spend and GOPers = fiscally responsible, so let’s just assume that everything fits the narrative.

I want a real media. I can haz BBC News?


One Response to “In which the NYT drives me insane. Again.”

  1. The Lady said

    I will pay you to stop with the LOL cats speech.

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