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17 years later…

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on July 27, 2007

…and still barely a peep of recognition from the Government, and no jail time for the murderers. I still vividly remember seeing the smoke from our house in Cascade, I remember my neighbour claiming she’d seen this coming in a dream, and I remember being really bloody pissed that Abu Bakr’s first act as would-be leader was to pre-empt Macgyver.

But BC Pires is back to writing TGIF, and he’s far more eloquent than I:

In a country, governed – no, controlled – by so many who appear almost unaffected by the responsibilities with which they are charged (and certainly seem incapable of effecting them), it really should be no surprise that, 17 years after they died, we have no idea how many people were killed by the Muslimeen. But it is a source of ongoing distraction to me, and must be a deep, unresolved pain to their loved ones.

On this anniversary day of the day, then, two things come to mind; or nine, depending on how you count them. One is that, if the mere mention, in a parliamentary debate, of the NAR’s notion that it might erect a $500,000 statue to Jean Miles provoked a bloody coup attempt in 1990, how will the good Abu react to the actual spending of $180 million on new digs for the PM this year? The other point, or nine, depending on how, or even if, you count them, are: Leo Des Vignes; George Francis; SRP George; Loraine Caballero; Solomon McCleod; Malcolm Basanta; Arthur Guiseppi; Mervyn Teague; the people we know for sure were killed in 1990. The 27th July will fall on another Friday before that list is completed, if it ever is at all. Shift that paradigm for your breakfasts if you think you can; but you might as well sing for your supper.


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