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A joke too far

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on July 11, 2007

Big news today: apparently, a whole mess of irrelevant political parties in Trinidad have decided to increase their irrelevance by tying themselves to the fortune of a one-time felon.

Bigger news: despite the fact that when TMR pointed it out, I assumed it was just the Silly Act of the Week, Panday’s Beret of Marxist Revolt seems to have sticking power:

I mean, what can you say about these people anymore? And I must wonder what Stephen Cadiz is doing involving himself with these jokers. I thought he was against crime? And why would anyone make a deal with Basdeo Panday, anyway? Those never turn out well; just ask: Winston Dookeran, Kelvin Ramnath, Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, ANR Robinson, Hulsie Bhaggan, Trevor Sudama, Gerald Yetming, Ganga Singh… the list goes on….


One Response to “A joke too far”

  1. […] in Trinidad toys with the idea of titling his post “Lost Credibility Day”, while Club Soda and Salt thinks that the newly-announced political alliance among several “irrelevant” parties […]

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