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Sinking Cedros

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on May 22, 2007

For most of the past year, the people of Southwestern Trinidad have been pretty preoccupied with the government’s attempts to construct smelters in their backyard. As it turns out, they might have bigger concerns in the coming years:

The South-west coast of Trinidad in the area of Cedros is sinking.

This is happening because of a rise in sea levels around Trinidad, Dr John Agard, chairman of the Environmental Management Authority (EMA), said yesterday.

This is the same EMA, btw, that is allowing the plans for the smelter to go forward. Not that it makes a difference to global warming where the carbon belching facilities are located, but you’d think they’d at least want to minimize *Trinidad’s* contribution (which, on a per capita basis, is very high).

Sadly, it’s likely to take more than this for the government to formulate a real environmental policy. A real policy, of course, would not only seek to reduce our contribution to climate change (which is pretty tiny in the scheme of things), but, more importantly, would start planning for the effects of climate change on Trinidad — figuring out how agriculture will be affected, figuring out where to put all the people who currently live in Westmoorings, and so on. Are we going to be real Trinis and wait till the last minute like always?


2 Responses to “Sinking Cedros”

  1. captainb said

    New gadgets and fashion are emerging every day, leading us to buy without rationally thinking trough if we really need that product or not. Thoughtless buying leads to the ingestion of all the natural resources and to the endless growth of garbage piles, thous killing our planet.
    If you think too, that this is a problem let’s do something about it. Let’s keep just one week, for starters, when we would think about if we really need the product we are about to buy, and if we don’t need it let’s put it back on the shelf. June 1-7. Spread the word.

    Unplugged team

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