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Control freaks freak out

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on May 21, 2007

Two examples of people whinging about competition:

#1: St. Vincent’s Prime Minister is complaining about St. Lucia’s plans to allow American Eagle to fly from that island to Barbados. God forbid that our moribund (and heavily subsidized) regional airlines be exposed to a little competition! So is the plan here for LIAT to monopolize most inter-island travel in perpetuity? And why was Caribbean Star (which is now in the process of merging with LIAT) fine, but American not? My guess is that American needs to grease a few more palms before proceeding further, but maybe I’m cynical.

#2: Apparently, some employers are throwing temper tantrums about the new immigration bill. Why? Well, because it allows skilled immigrants to self-sponsor, rather than being tied down to a particular employer for sponsorship. The current system requires immigrants to be tethered to an employer for many years before being granted permission to move around. I can tell you from personal experience that this kind of blows, and merely increases labour inefficiencies. A VP at Oracle disagrees:

“Under the current system,” Mr. Hoffman said, “you need an employer to sponsor you for a green card. Under the point system, you would not need an employer as a sponsor. An individual would get points for special skills, but those skills may not match the demand. You can’t hire a chemical engineer to do the work of a software engineer.”

Just goes to show what some of these Silicon Valley folks think of their imported employees. Glad we’re just commodities to you guys! It’s particularly stupid, since any decent point system would almost certainly favour someone with an existing job offer, so we’re still going to be bringing in folks to work in the hottest parts of the economy. It just means that Oracle, for example, won’t have a shitload of indentured servants. Scary, I know, Oracle, but lots of companies have been dealing with that since the beginning of the 20th century, so you’ll get by.

In summary: competition is scary!


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