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Dumb and dumberer (¡Dos Tontos Muy Tontos!)

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on March 29, 2007

Sorry about the recent silence. I’ve recently started a new job, and things have been hectic.

At any rate, I was all ready to write a post about how stupid Panday was being about being re-instated to Parliament. After all, why not just wait for the High Court to make a ruling? They’ll probably re-instate him, just as they foolishly let him go on the most flimsy of “conflicts,” so why not enjoy the extra vacation? It really just seemed like a manufactured controversy to me, not to mention a disregard for the rule of law (but he’s no stranger to that, is he?)

Anyway, point being, I was pretty unhappy with the Silver Fox, but Manning, not to be outdone, has upped the stupidity. It turns out that in order to deny Panday any time in the Red House, the government has suspended Parliament until the High Court rules on his eligibility. So instead of having the people of Couva North remain unrepresented, now we all remain unrepresented. Apparently, the people’s business takes a backseat to scoring meaningless political points. Not sure whether to be surprised….

And, incidentally, why is the Government allowed to do this? Shouldn’t they have a good reason to suspend Parliament, like a national emergency of some sort? Shouldn’t that be the President’s job, or maybe the Speaker’s? It seems pretty messed up that the Goverment can suspend Parliament indefinitely. This is why we need a new constitution, preferably not written by the jokers who came up with that awful draft last year.


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