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The Germans are coming

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on March 3, 2007

Bad news for non-xenophobes:

Before any foreigner in Tobago acquires land they will have to obtain a licence under the Foreign Investment Act. An order to this effect was signed by the Acting Minister of Finance Conrad Enil on February 14 and came into operation on February 16.

London then stated, “This order does not ban the sale of land, but it affords the Tobago House of Assembly the opportunity to oversee and manage the sale of lands for business purposes.”

This isn’t a surprising move. People have been panicking about the “re-colonization” of Tobago for years. It’s still a bad move, though, especially for Tobagonians. I mean, who do people think is selling the land to Germans? Gremlins? Basically, the landowners of Tobago just had their right to sell their property to the highest bidder taken away, for no other reason than silly populism.


2 Responses to “The Germans are coming”

  1. jake said

    You’re in America living the swanky life now (yes my IP address is in the US) so why bother about Tobago? You remind me of those Trinis who comment about the country in the Express’ forums. A remote control critic is the worst thing ever; sitting from afar sipping Starbucks while Trinis are getting bitten by mosquitoes and shot by guns. Point is: stick to commenting about Obama and Hillary the Dyke. You’re American now, let Trinis sort out their own problems.

  2. Starbucks is really bitter coffee. I try to avoid it. As for remote control, well, I don’t have a green card, so I’m still resident, and I actually own property there, AND my whole family is still there, so perhaps you could excuse my concern.

    Thanks for reading! Come again!

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