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Hatin’ on Rollbacks

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on February 9, 2007

I really don’t get stories like this one. Why do these pro-union groups focus on Walmart? As many have pointed out before me, there are tons of employers in NYC who offer no benefits. You think all the illegals (or legals, for that matter) in restaurants are getting healthcare? You think their employers don’t abuse them? Moreover, why is it fine to have three Targets in Brooklyn, and two K-Marts in Manhattan, but no Walmarts? The whole thing just comes off as hypocritical, reactionary, and elitist. It’s a very win-the-battle-lose-the-war type of situation; even if Walmarts are banned, we lose opportunities to focus on the many abusive employers who are with us, and therefore lose opportunities to build a movement that is broadly pro-labour, rather than narrowly anti-Walmart.

That said, I really hope we can avoid having a big-box retailer at the Albee Square site. That site is a great opportunity to help turn Downtown Brooklyn into a 24-hour district, and replacing the mall with a mall-like store isn’t going to accomplish that. Given Bloomberg’s development policies, though, I’m not too optimistic.


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