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The Republican Party is so helpful

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on November 23, 2006

Just think, they’ve spent the last couple of months reminding me why I can never ever vote for them!

First, there was the delightful Tennessee Senate campaign, where the GOP ran ads that talked about Ford’s crazed reverse jungle fever, as well as great radio ads that featured jungle drums everytime his name was mentioned. This was after the RSCC set up the site (it’s been dismantled, but you can see that the GOP still owns the domain). Hey, he is one fancy negro! Stay classy, Bob Corker!

Then we have the return of that charming Mississippian, Trent “Totally Didn’t Mean It!” Lott, to the Republican Senate leadership. [Edit — to clarify, he’s the Deputy Minority Leader. I meant leadership in the broader sense.] Apparently, his new porch is looking just fine, so he’s back on the job in DC. The Republicans have talked about abandoning the Southern Strategy, but they just keep coming back to the well, it seems. And before you say that I should be more forgiving, consider the man’s multiple visits and speeches to the putrid Council of Conservative Citizens, and then we’ll talk. (I’m not linking to them, as they are putrid, like I said. You’ll have to Google.)

Let’s not even mention the fact that a big part of the midterm strategy was to talk about how Democrats were going to allow more brown people into the country. Oh, and they will allow people who pay taxes to get Social Security — even if they’re Mexican. The horror!
Just a couple of reminders, as if I actually needed them. Still a party of racists (and homophobes, but that hardly bears mentioning). Get back to me when they’re actually presenting an agenda that doesn’t involve demonizing minorities, and maybe we’ll talk.


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