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Posted by clubsodaandsalt on November 15, 2006

I’m sitting in EWR and my flight to London doesn’t leave for a couple of hours. I don’t post enough, so I figured I’d make up for it now.

  • Travel tip! When in EWR, the wireless internet usually runs you about 7 bucks. However, if you sit in the food court that sits beneath the President’s Club, you can pick up their wireless for free!
  • Avoid the Portuguese place in the food court. Just try your luck at Wok n’ Roll and leave it at that. I mean, really — why ask me how I’d like my burger if you’re just going to burn it?
  • I am enjoying Bill Bryson’s “In a Sunburned Country” quite a bit. I was considering picking up “Notes from a Small Island” for backup reading, but reading a travel novel on a country you’re actually visiting seemed dangerously similar to wearing the band’s t-shirt to the concert.
  • As many have observed, Bush’s “bipartisanship” talk is pretty empty. Clearly, he and Rove have decided that the lesson of 1994 was the President generally prevails when confronting Congress. This ignores the fact that Clinton was actually pretty careful about choosing his battles, and co-operated with the Republicans on issues like welfare reform. Also, we weren’t in the middle of a disastrous war.
  • The train that the Trinidadian Government is building is going to be elevated in areas that are prone to flooding. If you want to know how much thought as gone into planning this line, consider that this idea was only considered after some flash floods last week, rather than, you know, from the very beginning.

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