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Kamla’s big mouth

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on November 15, 2006

TMR has already taken Kamla Persad-Bissesar to task for her complaints to the Indian Vice President. I’d add this — her complaints are not only vile, but also incredibly revealing. It would have been one thing if she’d gone to the VP and complained about discrimination against everyday Indians in their attempts to get money for cultural groups, or to get good drainage in Caroni, or to get government jobs. She could also have complained about the shuttering of Caroni Ltd. or the marginalization of agriculture. Instead, she got up and complained about two examples that have nothing to do with race: the Chief Justice trial and the Panday conviction. She is exploiting the frustration of the Indian community to help her (undeserving) political allies, and she’s cheapening the community’s legitimate causes in the process. At least now we know how little she cares about actually helping those she’d claim to represent.

Also, did she seriously say that she’d be going to India to learn from their expertise in poverty eradication?


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