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Posted by clubsodaandsalt on August 9, 2006

So, as was predicted by the polls, Lieberman lost his primary last night. Amazingly, despite being one of those rare incumbents to lose in the primary stage, Joementum is insisting on running as an independent in November. Poor form, I think. The big question now is this: which Democrats are going to support someone who is willing to stab the party in the back? Remember, back in 2004, a number of Dean-haters basically convinced themselves that Dean “said” that he wasn’t going to support the Democratic candidate for President if it wasn’t him. (Here in the real world, he said nothing of the sort. But anyway.) They proceed to crucify the guy, insisting that he pledge support, which, of course, he did, since he never intended to do otherwise. As you would expect, The New Republic was a leader in this nonsense. I wonder what they will have to say about this? Will I hear outrage and condemnation of Lieberman for his independent run?

This much is for sure — any Democratic politician who supports Joe is dead to me. Luckily, it looks like almost no-one is going along with him — Hillary has already pledged support to Lamont, as have John Edwards, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer. Even Evan Bayh, Mr. Moderate, has delcared support for Lamont. Chris Dodd, big Lieberman supporter, is said to be pushing Joe to step out of the way. DailyKos is, as you’d expect, keeping tabs.


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