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How awesome is the World Cup?

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on July 1, 2006

So I’m watching the England-Portugal match, and the commentators keep talking about how the Argentinian referee (who just sent off Wayne Rooney) is the same guy who sent Beckham off in some match or the other in 2000. What’s great about this is that you just know that fans in England will spend tons of time talking about how this Argentine totally had it in for England, on account of the whole mess in the Falklands (or, if you will, las Malvinas.)

What other event brings out these sorts of old grudges? Totally awesome.


2 Responses to “How awesome is the World Cup?”

  1. And some people think that politics don’t have a part in football. Whether or not it plays a direct part, it’s always on people’s minds.

  2. titilayo said

    Late reply, but what I like is matches like the ones between, say Portugal and Angola, or Senegal and France, where there is always some mention in the media of something to do with “defeating the old colonial powers” and “avenging history”. And then there are optimistic stories like this one (and some response to it).

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