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Wish I were there

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on June 11, 2006

Given the crazy scene down in Trinidad as a result of a draw with Sweden, I can only imagine what might happen if we actually win a match! I don’t mean to take anything away from the Trinidad and Tobago team, though. The game was spectacular, the effort to hold on for the draw with 10 men was exemplary, and Shaka Hislop was incredible, playing on only 15 minutes’ notice! Still, I love this reaction from a Dutch reporter covering the Trinidadian reaction:

“It is like you won the World Cup already and won a second, third fourth, and fifth one,” [Dutch reporter]Veenhoven said.

Asked what the Dutch would have done if they won their first match in the first round or drew it against one of the good teams with a man sent off the field on a red card, she shrugged her shoulders and said: “I don’t know, have a beer, or maybe two.”

Not how we roll, lady. Times like this, I really wish I could get on the next flight home.


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