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Posted by clubsodaandsalt on May 9, 2006

Apparently, ‘Collateral Damage’ Manning has issued an ultimatum to the Chief Justice: resign, or be charged with interfering with Panday’s trial.

I don’t really want to get into the validity of the main accusation here (though it looks pretty weak to me; kind of a he-said, she-said deal). There are, however, two things that jump out at me:

1. Why is the Prime Minister threatening to lay charges? He doesn’t have any such power, as he is not a prosecutor. In fact, Manning himself has pointed the fact that he isn’t the one who lays charges on numerous occasions. So… huh?

2. If there is, in fact, a decent case to be made that CJ Sharma attempted to unduly influence Panday’s trial, shouldn’t he be charged whether or not he resigns? Again, it’s not like Manning has the power to pardon him.

It seems as though this is the least compelling ultimatum ever. Manning can’t do EITHER of the things he’s threatening/offering. Of course, this is pretty much SOP for Manning, so I’m not sure why I bother to mention these sorts of things anymore.


4 Responses to “Ultimatum”

  1. David said

    Just another case of the king ruling over his personal kingdom again.

  2. Randy said

    I am glad the U.S is not alone in the govermental corruption thing.

  3. Yoni said

    I agree with David that this is just anothe rcase of the king ruling over his personal kingdom again.

  4. […] It looks like PM Damage has decided that the latest bystander to be destroyed is the independent judiciary. I touched on this before, saying that I thought that the government’s case seemed quite weak, and I haven’t seen anything since then to change my mind. It appears that the Police disagree, however, as they attemped to arrest CJ Sharma on Friday night. This despite the fact that CJ Sharma had already gotten an injunction against being charged by the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. Apparently, the Police Commissioner decided that he was free to build his own case against the Chief Justice, and today’s Express features him boasting about such decisive moves as “ignor[ing] the views expressed on the evidence by ACP Virgil as well as those of Deputy DPP Carla Antoine-Brown.” Right, because we all know that ignoring the prosecutor’s views on the evidence is the first step in any successful investigation. However, Commissioner Paul has “40 years” of experience, so I’m sure that that qualifies him to unilaterally make decisions on when to arrest people. But check this out: “On arrival [of the police] at his residence (at Fairways, Maraval) the Chief Justice barricaded himself in a room. My officers did not break down the door as would normally occur. During that time Justice of Appeal (Stanley) John placed a call to a judge, who ordered the police officers not to proceed. […]

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