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The rent is still too damn high

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on April 26, 2006

Following up on a previous post, we saw earlier this week that Manning and co. are planning to introduce rent control. I’m not sure why these people’s solution to everything seems to be price controls. At any rate, we all know the tired anti-rent-control arguments — abandoned buildings, tenant abuse, etc. What I found really odd, though, was that the government is also discussing price controls on steel (this was discussed in the Guardian, which means link go poof). Huh? The price of steel has been increasing worldwide due to such issues as the construction boom in China. I’m not at all clear what Manning expects his price controls to do. Won’t the people sending us steel just go elsewhere? Won’t ISPAT just send their steel abroad? I am confused. Well, not really, since what this means is that Manning makes no sense, which is totally normal and not at all confusing. Phew!


2 Responses to “The rent is still too damn high”

  1. Colin said

    I sure wish I had a rent contolled apartment… 🙂

  2. Yoni said

    Me too!

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