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And she told two friends, and they…

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on February 21, 2006

So, I was looking around for Bob Menendez’s campaign website in order to volunteer for his kind-of-re-election campaign. He doesn’t seem to have a website, which seems inexcusable, right? It’s February! Election is in November! People! But I digress. One thing I DID find was this ‘immigration report card’ from the ‘Americans for Better Immigration,’ some manner of nativist Pat Buchanan style group. The good news is, Bob gets awful scores on the card (meaning that he’s not a xenophobe.) The bad news, though, is that we are being threatened by chain migration:

But since [the late ’50s, when laws were changed], immigrants can also send for their sibling, parents and adult children. Because each of those can then bring in their own adult relatives and nuclear family, a single immigrant can eventually be responsible for the arrival in the United States of his/her aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, first cousins, second cousins once-removed, in a spiraling chain that eventually could reach most of the world’s 6 billion-plus residents.

(Emphasis mine.)

I’m just wondering when this great chain of brown people is going to get me a green card.


One Response to “And she told two friends, and they…”

  1. fred said

    The GOP playbook is clear for 2006. Rile up the angry white reactionary base by screaming bloody murder about sealing our borders behind a Berlin Wall at the same time beating up on gay people to draw the “moral” line in the sand, yet again, dividing the nation and fanning flames of division to turn out their electorate.

    The Dems have to reach into the scared women who think Bush will keep them safe by pointing out that Bush already sold them down the river by selling off our borders to an Arabian Monarchy.

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