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I am shocked. Shocked!

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on January 23, 2006

Is anyone really surprised by the whole World Cup ticket scandal? Jack Warner has always been a disgrace. I fully expected this sort of nonsense to happen once we made the World Cup. Doesn’t anyone remember the utter chaos surrounding tickets to The Game We Want To Forget back in 1989? Isn’t it enough that he’s aligned himself with the pack of jokers called the UNC? (And don’t tell me about how he was on the ‘good side’ of the party elections. He may have run with Dookeran, but you notice how he made up with Panday later? I’ve never seen such nauseating sycophancy.)

It’s just too bad that he’s supposed to represent us on the world stage.

Full disclosure: I hate Jack Warner, and have hated him for a long time. I don’t have any personal dealings with him or anything. I just think he’s a disgrace to Trinidadians everywhere. And I hope this ticket thing lands him in jail, though I doubt it will.


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