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Posted by clubsodaandsalt on October 19, 2005

Who edits over at the Express? They’re running an article all about how Trinidad’s CPI corruption score has gone down again. However, they act like this is a good thing, which it is not. Says the CPI Report for 2004:

A total of 106 out of 146 countries score less than 5 against a clean score of 10, according to the new index, published today by Transparency International, the leading non-governmental organisation fighting corruption worldwide. Sixty countries score less than 3 out of 10, indicating rampant corruption.

(emphasis mine)
This would clearly imply that a lower score means more corruption, not less. Meanwhile, the Express is trumpeting a decline in our score as the country being perceived as “less corrupt”, which is the EXACT OPPOSITE of reality.

Seriously, the constant typos and grammar errors are annoying, but mostly harmless. But to get the ENTIRE POINT of a story wrong? When basic research on the matter would have cleared things up? Disgraceful.


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