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A Bloody September

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on October 3, 2005

Sad news today, as Trinidad sets a new murder record during September. Of particular note is that the number of murders apparently exceeded that in July 1990, the month of the attempted coup. It’s like we’re going through a fresh new coup every month.

It baffles me that the government can continue to simply sit on its hands while watching the growing anarchy surrounding it. The President tells us his hands are tied (which is probably legally true, but he could make things difficult by simply using delaying tactics, a la ANR) and the bext that Manning could come up with during his budget was “bring in Scotland Yard”. Not that I think bringing in Scotland Yard isn’t a good idea, but if that’s his big solution, couldn’t he have done that years ago? Did it really take that much time to come up with that? Yeesh. And speaking of foreign help, whatever happened to all the talk about hiring Rudy’s crime consultancy?

These people just seem unserious about stopping crime. Their idea of improving police technology is buying more cars, rather than introducing systems like COMPSTAT. They will bring in foreign help, but who wants to bet that that foreign help won’t be granted any real power to deal with the horrid corrpution in the force? They talk about expanding penalties, but can’t get their act together enough to convict anyone. The whole situation is a mess, and it takes the murder of a minister’s relative to elicit any manner of sympathy. It’s as though Manning lives in some other country that’s NOT under seige. Though, given his extensive security detail, I guess he is.


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