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Up by my bootstraps

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on September 15, 2005

In case anyone was doubting my proletariat cred, I just wanted to post this picture from my trip to Barbados in May:

Yes, that is indeed the scene directly behind the Boyce ancestral home, which is a fancy name for the house where my Mom grew up. At least, that’s the scene right behind where that house used to be before it was torn down and rebuilt a couple years ago (the new house would be nicer if not for a severe lack of air conditioning). Anyway, point being that you can see how I had to pull myself up by my bootstraps and all, what with the goats and everything.

In case you’re interested, this picture is in the rural parish of St. Peter in the north of the island. It’s just down the street from where the Barbadian Prime Minister Owen Arthur (who actually DID do a lot of bootstrap pulling) grew up.

Incidentally, I was shocked, SHOCKED by how expensive Barbados is. That place is out of control. The food (in fast food places/restaurants) is seriously around the same price as in New York. _New York_, people. I really have no idea how the average Bajan gets by, let alone the poor ones.


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