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Bloomberg To Bushies: Get Thee Away From Me

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on February 4, 2005

Mayor Mike is distancing himself from the president’s plan to destory Social Security. Given the massive anti-Bush protests during the RNC, as well as the fact that Bush’s plan is extraordinarily irresponsible and unnecessary, this probably makes sense.

But anyway, for those still in love with Social Security “personalization”, consider the fact that Bloomberg of Bloomberg terminal fame has this to say about “private accounts”:

“I’ve never thought that privatizing Social Security made a lot of sense,” said Mr. Bloomberg, who, like Mr. Bush, is a Republican. “I think what you’d see is that people would invest – some people would invest – unwisely.”

He added, “These are not monies that people should be speculating with.”

Looks like he must be an economic girlie-man or something!


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