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On History And Being Doomed To Repeat It

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on November 14, 2004

So, as expected, Harry Reid is the new Minority Leader in the Senate. Fair enough. I don’t really know enough about the guy to gauge his tenaciousness, but I’m not excited about one of the arguments being advanced for his ascendancy:

Some Democrats looking for a ray of light in the election argued that Mr. Reid’s amiability might make it harder for the White House to demonize him.

“When the conservative talk show hosts start saying bad things about Harry Reid, it will be like attacking Mr. Rogers,” Senator Ben Nelson, Democrat of Nebraska, said of Mr. Reid, who shares Mr. Rogers’s affection for a cardigan.

I simply do not buy this. Didn’t people say the same thing about Daschle? Note what happened to him. How about how Joe Lieberman was supposed to magically insulate the Gore-Lieberman ticket? Right. The GOP has decided to villainize and destroy every prominent Democrat, and given that Reid is from a Bush-voting state (though a closely divided one), I have my doubts about how well this is going to turn out. And I don’t care that he’s close to Bush… co-operating with this PResident doesn’t buy you any mercy, we’ve seen that much.

All that said, I hope Reid does well. We need someone who can be a serious partisan warriror, because some awful things are coming for the Senate in the next few years, and I checked out the 2006 situation the other day – we’re not getting the Senate back, kids.


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