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Closer To Getting It

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on August 23, 2004

Apparently, someone at the NYT gets it. This whole Swift Boat “scandal” is yet another example of how the media has basically abdicated its respnsibility to be more than a mouthpiece for political campaigns. It’s nice to see the NYT, which has been a part of this unfortunate trend in journalism, begin the process of re-introducing analysis to the news, instead of being lazy and calling it “objective”. A line that sums it up for me (emphasis mine):

Somehow, on all-cable news stations – CNN as well as Fox News – a story that rises or falls on basic and mostly verifiable facts blurs into just another developing news sensation

I also like how they call out Bob Dole, who apparently has joined the Hackery Club, in a bald-faced lie. Give it a read, because this nonsense is going to get much, much worse before November.


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