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Strange But True

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on August 13, 2004

The fanaticism noted International > Americas > Port-au-Prince Journal: Soccer’s Odd Bonding: When Brazil Scores, Haiti Roars” href=””>here is not limited to Haiti, though the Haitians do seem to be an extreme example. For whatever reason, Brazilian football is wildly popular in the Caribbean, or at least in Trinidad. Part of it is probably that a wildly successful “black” team is seen as inspirational, but there’s also the fact that Brazil are the New York Yankees of the World Cup.

Speaking of football, American readers will be amused to know that Trinidadians are still extremely bitter about the USA-TT match of November 19th, 1989 (everyone still remembers the date, for example), when, despite only needing a craw, Trinidad lost and was denied a trip to the World Cup in Italy. So very bitter. Hey, we care a lot about football.


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