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Don’t Change Horses In Mid-Terror Alert

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on August 3, 2004

Look, I’m trying not to be too cynical about this, but when I read that the recent announcements of threats are based on 3-4 year old evidence, and when said announcements directly follow the DNC… I get a bit suspicious. So does Howard Dean, who continues to be the only person in the Democratic Party willing to state the obvious (other examples include “Bush lied about Iraq”, “Nader is an egomaniac who is willing to destroy everything liberals work for” and “AIEEE!”)

I’m not saying that the threat isn’t real. But it does seem worrying that our leaders were happy to sit on this information for YEARS until now. If we had information this specific, why wasn’t it acted upon? If it’s already been acted upon, why are you acting like we could be attacked at any time? The whole thing would be baffling if we were dealing with ethical people, but this administration has already proven itself willing to undermine security for politics (Plame! 9/11 commission!). It’s pretty obvious that it’s happening once again.

But now I’m being shrill.

UPDATE: I re-read the article, and now I’m not sure when we got a hold of the information. The whole thing is a little poorly worded, frankly. For now, I’m going to go back to being unsure about the whole thing. One thing’s for certain, though, working near Grand Central has become very unsettling. I work on 40th and Park, where Park Avenue ends its tunnel and becomes a viaduct, and they won’t let big cars onto the viaduct. The whole area is swarming with police, as is the subway station. Incidentally, one upshot of all this is that all those awful SUVs (I mean the big ones, like the Navigator-Envoy class) are being turned away from GCT and forced to fight traffic. Sucks to be an SUV driver!


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