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No, Not Friendster

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on July 27, 2004

This article infuriates me. It’s not enough that “establishment” Dems destroyed Dean’s campaign by saying nasty things about his marriage (because his wife dared to cure people instead of smaile for the cameras), or blew the Iowa Scream out of proportion (in a work of hyperbole usually the territory of GOP hacks). It’s not enough that TPM, TNR and a bunch of others accused Dean of planning to bolt, based on incredibly tenuous evidence (and I notice that now that Dean is working his ass off for Kerry, no-one has admitted that he/she was wrong). No, now we once again have to waddle through the muck of tired stereotypes of young people, or, as Foer dismissively refers to them, ‘neo-hippies’. They’ve got body piercings! They use FRIENDSTER! What freaks! Is this really the best thing Foer has to do during one of the biggest events of the campaign season? You’re better than this, TNR. Give us real reporting, not this slish.


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