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GOP Voter Fraud Watch II

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on July 23, 2004

Another indication of how the GOP feels about one man, one vote:

Democrats on Wednesday denounced a Republican lawmaker quoted in a newspaper as saying the GOP would fare poorly in this year’s elections if it failed to “suppress the Detroit vote.”

“In the context that we were talking about, I said we’ve got to get the vote up in Oakland (County) and the vote down in Detroit. You get it down with a good message. I don’t know how we got them from there to “racist,”‘ Pappageorge said.

How do you get the vote down with a “good message”? How could that POSSIBLY have been what he meant? Please.

But Amy says we don’t need monitoring, so I’m sure nothing will come of any of this. Just like in 2000.


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