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Slavery Schmlavery

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on June 24, 2004

This article discusses a phenomenon that was pretty easily observed on Princeton’s campus. Certainly, most of the black students I met there were of West Indian descent. I’ve always thought that it was, as many in the article point out, very bad news for the American black community that so few of the black students at elite schools in the Northeast (I suspect that the situation is much better in the rest of the country, where the number of black immigrants is much, much smaller) were from the “American” black community.

What bugs me about this is the apparent lack of historical knowledge in the article. Time and time again, people say that if one’s goal is to address slavery, then one is failing to do so by admitting a West Indian. Um, what? Someone should really let all these black scholars know that slavery existed outside of the United States too, and it was also far crueler in the Caribbean, where owners were far more fearful of revolt. I mean, talk about Amerocentrism!


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