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Posted by clubsodaandsalt on June 24, 2004

Looks like New York Region > N.Y. Court Throws Out Death Sentence in Long Island Case” href=””>New York won’t be handing down the death penalty, at least not for the time being. At least, that’s my understanding of the decision, but it’s all technical and whatnot, so maybe one your legal-minded readers can illuminate matters.

At any rate, what we really need is to get a sensible Dem back in Albany, so that we can get busy overturning what Pataki’s done…. though we probably also need a Dem senate to do that.

See? This is why we need to scrap the Senate. It’s absurd that a voter in Oswego County has several times the voting power of a resident of Manhattan, and it’s that imbalance that’s led to us not even having domestic partnerships in NY state. Grrr.


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