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What Gives?

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on May 20, 2004

Check out the latest Zogby poll. Generally very good news for Kerry, but a couple of things bugged me. I get why white people break fro Bush, but Asians? Huh? I thought that insofar as Asians voted one way or the other, it was for Dems? What gives, Steve?

Also, libertarians being 80% for Bush? WEAK. I honestly do NOT understand how any self-respecting libertarian could vote for Bush (though I see how they could stay out entirely). He’s spending like crazy, he’s getting into wars, he’s violating rights, and he may even bring back the draft. Have libertarians become so cheap that they can be bought with some tax cuts (which will all need to be paid for at some point, folks) and talk about private accounts?

Explain yourselves.


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