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No more stains


Posted by clubsodaandsalt on May 1, 2004

I’d been worrying that if I ever have kids, there aren’t going to be any amusement parks out there where I know they’ll be safe from all that insidious talk of “science”. Well, worry no more! Florida now has a creationist amusement park which assures everyone that God did, in fact, create the world 10,000 years ago, and that we lived with the dinosaurs. Phew!

I doubt there are any creationists reading this, but maybe one of my more religiously sensitive friends can tell me – what is it with the dogged adherence to creationism? I mean, really… why is the falsehood of evolution so central to the faith of so many people? Even when I found it comforting to convince myself that God existed, I certainly had no qualms about evolution… but then, I never took the Bible literally (in fact, i never really took it seriously at all, so perhaps I’m a poor example). At any rate, this is another issue (like gay rights) that makes it difficult to see religion as a reasonable force.


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