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Spain Is Against Us

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on March 20, 2004

I’m late to the party on this (cut me some slack, I’m in DC all week. It’s hard to blog from the middle of a swamp) but I just thought I’d mention how disgusting I find all of this talk of Spain “letting the terrorists win”. Please. This is such a naked attempt to set up the same choice for Americans in November that it makes me want to engage in a personal protein spill.

Look, maybe some Spaniards headed to the polls and said “well, if this’ll shut Bin Laden up, I guess I’m voting for Zapatero.” I doubt that this was the overriding concern. I’m guessing that the major motives that led to the election of the Socialists were:

1. Say a leader tells you that he’s going to protect you from terrorist attacks, as Aznar did. Then say that one of the things he does to do so is supporting some manner of invasion, against hte will of 90% of the country, who argue that doing this will do the opposite of stopping terrorism. Say, then, that after this invasion, attacks happen, and the attacks happen for exactly the reasons you predicted. Couldn’t you just think that your leader has done a bad job stopping terror, by stirring an ants’ nest and not concentrating on hunting real terrorists?

2. By all accounts, Aznar’s government’s attempts to deal with the attacks were a PR nightmare. They spent so much time blaming ETA that it made them look like they were playing the event for political gain (which, let’s face it, they probably were). As soon as I’d heard about the attacks, I thought to myself that it didn’t seem like ETA, since they don’t really conduct huge attacks. I’m sure that a lot of Spaniards, who have WAY more ETA experience than I, thought the same thing, and were annoyed by Aznar’s insistence that the Basques were behind the bombings. Sometimes, playing tragedy for political gain doesn’t work. Bush should really take note of this as he plans his exploitation of 3,000 deaths in New York later this year.

For the record, I don’t think that Spain pulling out of Iraq will do anyone (except the Spanish soldiers and their families) any good. I do, however, find it irritating that the right has now applied its famous “moral clarity” to Spain, insisting that said clarity requires only voting pro-war. I wish these people would go away.


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