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Bring It On, Rudy

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on March 20, 2004

I’ve heard a few liberals express concern that Rudy Giuliani will occupy the VP slot in November. I don’t really understand why. People (at least, good people who hate Bush) should calm down, for a few reasons.

First off, I find it hard to believe that Giuliani will put New York in play. Yes, he is remembered fondly in New York City for his leadership after Sept. 11 (even I kind of liked him, and I despised the man’s policies), and is also credited (not entirely correctly) for the rebirth of the city in the 90’s. I’m sure he’ll win some folks over, particularly in the outerboroughs. However, Bush is HATED in New York City (ex-Upper East Side). Hated. I don’t think that even Rudy’s charm can gloss that over. Moreover, Rudy was roundly disliked in upstate New York, and that’s an area where Bush needs to perform very well to even have a chance of winning New York. Add to all this the fact that the magical ability of VPs to deliver their home states is dodgy at best, and I doubt that it’s an issue.

I also don’t think Rudy will help W in the rest of the country. There was a brief period, maybe a week or so, after Sept. 11 when the rest of the country stopped hating New York and everything we represent. By now, everyone’s returned to that. What do you think all this attacking of “elites” means? Where do you think these mysterious elites live? Let me tell you, I’ve walked around Manhattan, and I suspect they may be talking about us. I mean, remember the infamous anti-Dean ad from Iowa? Who do you think those NEW YORK TIMES reading people are? Hint: They’re not actually Vermonters.

Point is, the rest of the country hates us, even liberals. And Rudy represents a LOT of what people hate about NYC. He’s arrogant, he’s an asshole, and he runs around doing immoral things like cheating on his wife. Arrogance? Rudeness? Immorality? This is not going to fly in the Midwest, people, especially if Kerry chooses an Edwards or (God forbid) a Gephardt as his running mate.

Most importantly, though, Rudy has a snowball’s chance in hell of being chosen in the first place. He’s pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-affirmative action, and on and on. Sure, he’s tough on crime and isn’t big on taxes, but is that really enough to overcome his problems on social issues? We already know that Bush is going to great lengths to court the right in 2004. Let’s not even get into the fact that he’s an ethnic Catholic from Brooklyn. And a Yankee fan to boot! Also, it’s not like BUSH needs help on terrorism leadership or on crime. Rudy brings pretty much nothing to the table. The man isn’t getting on the ticket, people.

In fact, that brings up two interesting points. First of all, he’d make a pretty good Dem VP, shoring us up on terror in particular (I wouldn’t be comfortable with Rudy on the ticket, but I ‘m saying it’d help JFK’s chances). Secondly, IF Rudy WERE the GOP VP, that’d be pretty good news for liberals (even if not for Dems). I spend a lot of time worrying about how far right this country has been dragged. If the conservatives have come around enough on social policy to support a Giuliani VP bid, it’s a good sign.


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