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Go West

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on March 14, 2004

Lauren and I have finally managed to find a place, despite the best efforts of New York City landlords. We got a nice place in the West Village, near to where Bleecker Street hits Eighth Avenue. I even have a key to this place, just to make ure that it can’t get taken away. Sweet. Now, we just need to find people to take over our lease… anyone interested in a 3 bedroom in the East Village?

In other news, I was listening to Condie Rice on Meet The Press earlier today, and she may have won a prize for Dumbest Statement of the Weekend. Asked to explain why the Bush Administration is refusing to cooperate acceptably with the 9/11 commission, her defense was, I shit you not, “separation of powers”. The executive would LOVE to help, but he can’t, because the commission is a legislative body! Then she muttered something about “precedents”, but couldn’t offer any actual examples. Steve, who was watching with me, seemed to think that there was something to this logic. He knows more abou the law than I do (about 150,000$ more), but I just don’t see how this isn’t utter nonsense.


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