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Call Me Racist

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on February 18, 2004

So I’ve been thinking.

A particularly annoying habit of conservatives is to label as “racist” anyone who insists that there is something fundamentally silly about being black and Republican. For example, people are always jumping on the backs of people who question the political leanings of Clarence Thomas or Colin Powell, or, I guess, Alan Keyes, except no-one really takes Alan Keyes seriously enough to say much of anything about him. In order to end this stupidity, I feel like I should explain why people say this.

First, remember that there’s a difference between being conservative and being Republican. Being black and conservative is perfectly fine… I’d prefer that black people be liberal, of course, but not much more so than I’d preer people of any race be liberal. Being black and Republican, on the other hand, shows that the person in question is (a) ignorant or (b) callous and without any social conscience.

Here’s the thing, conservatives, you like to deny this, but the Republican majority that you presently enjoy is a direct result of naked racism. I’m not talking about being against affirmative action or welfare. I’m talking about old-style Jim Crow KKK level crap. I’m talking about starting your campaign in Philadelphia, MS. I’m talking about speaking at a meeting of racist organizations, and then, when found out, refusing to condemn them. I’m talking about having snior members who say things like “All Latins are volatile people”.

Oh, and in case you think I’m living in the past, I’m also talking about George W. Bush speaking at BJU, and Saxby Chambliss using the confederate flag to win a Senate race. I’m aware that the majority of Republicans are not at all racist, but I’m sorry, you conservatives are going to have to come to terms with the fact that your movement is run, not accompanied, but RUN, by racists. Period. No excuses. And it’s disgusting, and it is why if I were not taxed without representation, I would NEVER vote for a Republican. Ever. Having an -R- next to your name is pretty much a tacit endorsement of this crap.

And please, spare me the nonsense about Robert Byrd’s KKK membership. Is Robert Byrd a racist? Probably. Would I vote for him? No, and not just because I would never live in WV. Is he as powerful a force in Democratic politics as PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH is in the GOP? No. So don’t even start. The fact that people actually use this as their one example to refute the hatred spewed by Bush, Lott, Helms, Thurmond & co. is laughable.

So, anyway, to be a black Republican, you either have to (a) not know about this, or (b) not care about the fact that if you lived in the South and were poor, the GOP would be perfectly willing to whip up hatred against you. Either way, you’re quite busted. Colin Powell seems liek a decent man, but at the end of the day, he’s willing to serve a man who happily spoke to people who wanted him to be oppressed. That’s depressing.

Finally, the more astute amongst you may be thinking: “Don’t all these arguments mean that right thinking white people should also refuse to be GOPers as long as the party is led by the current racist gang?”



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