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Fool Me Once

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on February 9, 2004

Could it be that Andrew Sullivan be returning to something resembling sanity? Before Sept 11, I read his work in TRB regularly. While I disagreed with his conservatisms, I found his writing reasonable and smart. After recent events, he pretty much degenerated into Bush worship, but apparently he’s gotten back to Earth Logic. Maybe he’s decided not to get fooled again. I consider this a good sign for November.

In other news, you’ll note that the link to Dean ’04 at the bottom of the page is done, and has been replaced with a Kerry link. It makes me sad, especially since I was into Dean back in early 2002, way before Dean became cool. Over time, he became less my candidate, and more the candidate of the angry college student, but I still loved him. At this point, though, I’m afraid it’s over. It’s time to get together to get rid of Bush.

I’m going to be really angry if Nader runs.


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