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Posted by clubsodaandsalt on January 16, 2004

Manning decides to calm everyone down regarding the continuing controversy over his relationship with Abu Bakr (which the media is FINALLY paying attention to). An example of his soothing pronouncements (emphasis mine):

The Prime Minister said the government had found itself in circumstances which required the approach it had taken towards the Jamaat and that until those circumstances changed his administration would have to use a series of measures including pacifying the group and at other times being firm with them. Pressed further, Manning said the circumstances surrounded the levels of crime in the country.

He added: “I would prefer not to go into any details on those things at this time. Whatever the government plans to do in the circumstances we will do whatever the government considers proper and appropriate to do to keep Trinidad and Tobago on an even keel.”

This is supposed to calm me? I’ve never been more worried about Trinidad’s prospects. Then we get this bullshit:

The Prime Minister said it was possible that in the normal course of their duties there may be interaction among ministers and members from the Jamaat but that members of the Jamaat were citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and had rights.

He added: “I see members of the national community today. If someone from the Jamaat comes to see me what do I say? No? Or do I first ask people what is their religious belief before I see them?”

What an idiot. I have no problem with Manning choosing to meet with Muslims. I have a problem with him meeting with KNOWN INSURRECTIONISTS. Jesus. Does he really not see any distinction?


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