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Surprise! Hypocrisy From Conservatives

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on January 15, 2004

Conservatives have been going on about this whole “Bush = Hitler” ad that temporarily posted as a contestant in their Bush In 30 Seconds contest. Fair enough. Comparing polticians to evil dictators is offensive, shrill, and coarsens the political discourse. I roundly condemn the ad, and I’m glad that MoveOn wasn’t crazy enough to choose it.

Funny though. I seem to remember Cheney refusing to condemn a similar ad that compared Tom Daschle to Saddam Hussein. Maybe all that business he did with Hussein convinced Dick that maybe he wasn’t such a bad guy… but that seems unlikely given recent events. No, I think that this is just old-school conservative hypocrisy. A particularly tasty example, too! Not that the “liberal” media will bother to point it out at all….


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