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Money and Speech

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on December 11, 2003

Sorry for the lag in posting. I’ve been travelling a great deal lately, plus I’ve been busy at work. Also, the news in Trinidad has been slow (I don’t consider murders appropriate blogging material).

Anyway, the past week has had some good news and some bad. I’m very excited about the Gore endorsement, and I’m hoping that it drives some of the other eight folks out of the race so that the public can actually hear what the candidates with a chance have to say. John Edwards, I’m looking in your direction. As usual, mainstream media has missed the point entirely, focusing on the Gore-Lieberman implications rather than far more interesting Gore-Clinton implications (TNR mentions them here).

I also agree with TNR (or, at least, Easterbrook) on the McCain-Feingold decision. The whole not attacking incumbents thing is definitely shady, having been written by, you know, incumbents.


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