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Desperately Bashing Dean

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on November 14, 2003

Strained references to bad Madonna movies aside, it seems that the Clarkites, many of whom live over at TNR, are becoming more and more desperate in their flailing at Dean. Just as all the whole Confederate flag “scandal” (you mean Dean wants southern whites to vote for him instead of Bush?! How treasonous!) has begun to die down, we get this gem in the TNR primary today.

Now, like any good student of economics, I recognize the major flaw of the financial aid system that Risen talks about, and I agree that something needs to be done to counter it. However, bashing Dean for doing something simple like increasing financial aid seems like a stretch. Even Risen starts off his piece by criticising Bush for reducing aid, which contradicts his major complaint about the Dean plan, which is that financial aid is a waste of money, as it distorts the market.

Dean should hope that the Bushies will be this bad at bashing him in 2004.


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