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Trouble in Teterboro

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on November 5, 2003

Two things occured to me while reading this article in today’s NYT.

1. Why is it that the complaints of these residents merit a 5 page article, while people who live around Newark, JFK and LaGuardia, all busier than Teterboro, have much better cases in terms of pollution and noise? I’m sure it has nothing to do with Bergen County being extremely wealthy, since the New York Times is a liberal bastion, crusading for social justice, right?

2. The silliness of all this is driven home by this passage on the first page:

Nor was the crash in the Bowmans’ backyard an isolated incident. On March 9, 2002, a propeller-driven Cessna 210 crashed in flames on the edge of Teterboro Airport shortly after take-off, stopping about a hundred yards from congested Route 46. The pilot was killed immediately. And on a Sunday evening in September 2002, a small Piper Saratoga bound for Canada took off from Teterboro, developed engine trouble and crashed 50 miles away into a new housing development in Byram. No one on the ground was injured but, but the pilot and his wife were killed and their two small children critically injured.

Now, remember that this is an airport with over 500 plane movements per day. That’s over 180,000 plane movements a year. I’m sure that the crashes were horrible for the families involved, and I hope that they promptly moved to other towns, but am I actually supposed to be convinced that a town gets to be gripped when the Times can only cite 3 crashes over the course of the past 4 years (the first crash they cite was in 1999)? Get serious.

I’m not trying to start a crsuade to save Teterboro Airport or anything. I just think that this is a good example of the media blowing things WAY out of proportion. More on media laziness later.


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